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Lotus Bamboo and Rubber Plant of Combo set With pot

Lotus Bamboo and Rubber Plant of Combo set With pot

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Lotus Bamboo


  • Lotus bamboo is also known as rose bamboo or flower bamboo. It is so named because its leaf bracts resemble lotus flower.
  • Lucky bamboo is a feng shui plant you can give to your family and friends to wish all luck and prosperity.



  • Best Indoor Plant - This Plant is perfect for indoor use and makes a great addition to any home or office. This easy-to-care-for plant is a symbol of good luck and fortune, making it the perfect gift for any occasion.
  • Elegant Beauty - Place this lucky bamboo in any room of your house or office for an instant boost of good luck and prosperity.
  • Low Maintenance - This Bamboo Plant Green Stick is very easy to care for, and can be kept indoors. It's the perfect addition to any décor.
  • Bring good fortune and positive vibes, and prosperity - This bamboo is a traditional symbol of good luck and prosperity. Bring some good fortune into your life with this easy to care for plant.

The rubber plant is your best deal! This is one of the stunning ornamental indoor plants, offering air purifying qualities for air pollutants. With proper care, the rubber plant can grow a lot higher. The presence of this plant in the home helps calm the nervous system, improves humidity levels, and reduces the temperature indoors. The myth is that this plant needs extra care, time, and attention. But here is the clarification, the rubber plant is a low-maintenance plant that can suit the space available at your home and give your home a greener and brighter look. Happy planting!

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